1Alongside Babylon’s streams,
there we sat down,
crying because we remembered Zion.
2We hung our lyres up
in the trees there
3because that’s where our captors asked us to sing;
our tormentors requested songs of joy:
"Sing us a song about Zion!" they said.
4But how could we possibly sing
the LORD’s song on foreign soil?
5Jerusalem! If I forget you,
let my strong hand wither!
6Let my tongue stick to the roof of my mouth
if I don’t remember you,
if I don’t make Jerusalem my greatest joy.
7LORD, remember what the Edomites did
on Jerusalem’s dark day:
"Rip it down, rip it down!
All the way to its foundations!" they yelled.
8Daughter Babylon, you destroyer,#Sym, Tg, Syr; MT the devastated
a blessing on the one who pays you back
the very deed you did to us!
9A blessing on the one who seizes your children
and smashes them against the rock!