A pilgrimage song.
1LORD, remember David—
all the ways he suffered
2and how he swore to the LORD,
how he promised the strong one of Jacob:
3"I won’t enter my house,
won’t get into my bed.
4I won’t let my eyes close,
won’t let my eyelids sleep,
5until I find a place for the LORD,
a dwelling place for the strong one of Jacob."
6Yes, we heard about it in Ephrathah;
we found it#It may refer to the covenant chest (132:8b). in the fields of Jaar.
7Let’s enter God’s dwelling place;
let’s worship at the place God rests his feet!
8Get up, LORD, go to your residence—
you and your powerful covenant chest!
9Let your priests be dressed in righteousness;
let your faithful shout out with joy!
10And for the sake of your servant David,
do not reject your anointed one.
11The LORD swore to David
a true promise that God won’t take back:
"I will put one of your own children on your throne.
12And if your children keep my covenant
and the laws that I will teach them,
then their children too will rule on your throne forever."
13Because the LORD chose Zion;
he wanted it for his home.
14"This is my residence forever.
I will live here because I wanted it for myself.#Heb lacks for myself.
15I will most certainly bless its food supply;
I will fill its needy full of food!
16I will dress its priests in salvation,
and its faithful will shout out loud with joy!
17It is there that I will make David’s strength thrive.#Or make a horn sprout
I will prepare a lamp for my anointed one there.
18I will dress his enemies in shame,
but the crown he wears will shine."