Psalms 12
For the music leader. According to the Sheminith. A psalm of David.
1Help, LORD, because the godly are all gone;
the faithful have completely disappeared
from the human race!
2Everyone tells lies to everyone else;
they talk with slick speech and divided hearts.
3Let the LORD cut off all slick-talking lips
and every tongue that brags and brags,
4that says, "We’re unbeatable with our tongues!
Who could get the best of us with lips like ours?"
5But the LORD says,
"Because the poor are oppressed,
because of the groans of the needy,
I’m now standing up.
I will provide the help they are gasping for."#Heb uncertain
6The LORD’s promises are pure,
like silver that’s been refined in an oven,
purified seven times over!
7You, LORD, will keep us,#LXX; MT keep them
protecting us from this generation forever.
8The wicked roam all over the place,
while depravity is praised by human beings.
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