Proverbs 13
1A wise son listens to#Heb lacks listens to. the discipline of his father,
but a mocker doesn’t listen to correction.
2People eat well from the fruit of their words,
but the treacherous have an appetite only for violence.
3People who watch their mouths guard their lives,
but those who open their lips are ruined.
4The lazy have strong desires but receive nothing;
the appetite of the diligent is satisfied.
5The righteous hate false words,
but the wicked create disgust and scorn.
6Righteousness guards the innocent on the path,
but wickedness misleads sinners.
7Some pretend to be rich but have nothing,
while others pretend to be poor, but have great riches.
8Wealth can ransom a person’s life,
but the poor don’t even receive threats.
9The light of the righteous rejoices,
but the lamp of the wicked goes out.
10The empty-headed cause conflict out of pride;
those who take advice are wise.
11Riches gotten quickly#LXX; MT from meaninglessness will dwindle,
but those who acquire them gradually become wealthy.
12Hope delayed makes the heart sick;
longing fulfilled is a tree of life.
13Trouble will come on those who despise a word,
but those who respect the commandment will be rewarded.
14The teaching of the wise is a fountain of life,
turning a person away from deathtraps.
15Good insight brings favor,
but the way of the faithless is their ruin.#LXX, Syr, Vulg; MT endures
16The prudent all act intelligently,
but fools display their stupidity.
17Wicked messengers fall into trouble,
but a reliable one brings healing.
18Poverty and shame come to those who don’t care about instruction;
honor belongs to those who heed correction.
19A desire fulfilled is pleasant,
but fools find deviating from evil disgusting.
20Walk with wise people and become wise;
befriend fools and get in trouble.
21Trouble pursues sinners,
but good things reward the righteous.
22Good people leave their grandchildren an inheritance,
but the wealth of sinners is stored up for the righteous.
23A poor person’s land might produce much food,
but it is unjustly swept away.
24Those who withhold the rod hate their children,
but the one who loves them applies discipline.
25The righteous eat their fill,
but the wicked have empty stomachs.
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