Job 32
Introduction of Elihu
1These three men stopped answering Job because he thought he was righteous.#Or was righteous in his own eyes 2Elihu son of Barachel the Buzite from the clan of Ram was angry, angry with Job because he considered himself more righteous than God. 3He was also angry with his three friends because they hadn’t found an answer but nevertheless thought Job wicked. 4Elihu had waited while Job spoke, for they were older than he. 5When Elihu saw that there had been no response in the speeches of the three men, he became very angry.
Elihu’s justification for speaking
6Elihu son of Barachel the Buzite said:
I’m young and you’re old,
so I held back, afraid to express my opinion to you.
7I thought, Let days speak;
let multiple years make wisdom known.
8But the spirit in a person,
the Almighty’s breath, gives understanding.
9The advanced in days aren’t wise;
the old don’t understand what’s right.
10Therefore, I say: "Listen to me;
I’ll state my view, even I."
11Look, I waited while you spoke,
listened while you reasoned,
while you searched for words.
12I was attentive to you,
but you offered no rebuke to Job,
no answer from you for his words.
13Be careful you don’t say, "We’ve found wisdom;
God, not a person, will defeat him."
14Now Job#Or he hasn’t addressed me,
and I won’t quote you to him.
15They are troubled, no longer answer;
words now escape them.
16I waited, but they didn’t speak,
for they stood but answered no more.
17I will answer. Indeed, I will state#Heb lacks will state. my piece;
I too will declare my view,
18for I’m full of words.
The spirit in my belly compels me.
19Look, my belly is like unopened wine;
like new wineskins it will burst.
20I will speak and get relief;
I will open my lips and respond.
21I won’t be partial to anyone,
won’t flatter a person;
22for I don’t know flattery;
otherwise my maker would quickly whisk me away.
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