Job 26
1Then Job said:
2How well you have helped the weak,
saved those with frail arms,
3advised one lacking wisdom,
informed many with insight!
4With whom have you spoken;#Or told words
whose breath was expelled from you?
Truth about God
5The dead writhe,
the inhabitants beneath the waters as well.
6The grave#Heb Sheol is naked before God;
the underworld#Heb Abaddon lacks covering.
7He stretched the North#Heb Zaphon over chaos,
hung earth over nothing;
8wrapped up water in his clouds,
yet they didn’t burst out below;
9hid the face of the full moon,#Or throne; Heb uncertain
spreading his cloud over it;
10traced a circle on the water’s surface,
at the limit of light and darkness.
11Heaven’s pillars shook,
terrified by his blast.
12By his power he stilled the Sea;
split Rahab with his cleverness.
13Due to his wind, heaven became clear;
his hand split the fleeing serpent.
14Look, these are only the outer fringe of his ways;
we hear only a whispered word about him.
Who can understand his thunderous power?
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