Job 22
Job’s sins
1Then Eliphaz from Teman answered:
2Can a human being be useful to God?
Can an intelligent person bring profit?
3Does the Almighty delight in your innocence?
Does he gain when you perfect your ways?
4Does he rebuke you for your piety,
bring you in for judgment?
5Isn’t your wickedness massive,
your iniquity endless?
6You have taken payments from your family for no reason;
stripped the naked, leaving no clothes;
7denied water to the thirsty,
withheld bread from the starving.
(8The powerful own land;
the favored live in it.)
9You have sent widows away empty;
crushed orphans’ resources.
10For this reason, snares surround you;
sudden dread brings panic to you
11or a darkness that you can’t see;
rushing water will cover you.
God’s activity
12Isn’t God in the heights of heaven;
see how high the topmost stars are?
13You say: "What does God know?
Can he judge through thick clouds?
14Clouds conceal him so he can’t see
while he walks on heaven’s rim."
15Will you keep the ancient way
traveled by sinful persons,
16who were snatched prematurely
when a river flooded their foundations,
17who say to God, "Turn away from us;
what can the Almighty do to us?"
18Yet he filled their houses with good things;
a sinner’s logic is beyond me.
19The righteous see and rejoice;
the innocent mock them:
20our enemies are certainly cut off;
fire will devour what’s left of them.
Turn to God
21Get along well with God and be at peace;
from this something good will come to you.
22Receive instruction from his mouth;
put his words in your mind.
23If you return to the Almighty,#Heb Shaddai or Mountain One; also in 22:25 and 24:1 you will be restored;
if you keep wrongdoing out of your tent.
24Lay your prized possession in the dust,
your gold from Ophir on a rock in a desert streambed.
25The Almighty will be your prized possession,
silver piled up for you.
26Then you will take pleasure in the Almighty;
lift up your face to God.
27You will pray to him, and he will hear you;
you will fulfill your solemn promises.
28If you decree something, it will stand;
light will shine on your ways.
29When they’re humbled, you will say: "Cheer up;
God will rescue the lowly.
30He will deliver the guilty;
they will be saved by your pure hands."
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