Isaiah 62
Jerusalem redeemed
1For Zion’s sake I won’t keep silent,
and for Jerusalem’s sake I won’t sit still
until her righteousness shines out like a light,
and her salvation blazes like a torch.
2Nations will see your righteousness,
all kings your glory.
You will be called by a new name,
which the LORD’s own mouth will determine.
3You will be a splendid garland in the LORD’s hand,
a royal turban in the palm of God’s hand.
4You will no longer be called Abandoned,
and your land will no longer be called Deserted.
Instead, you will be called My Delight Is in Her,
and your land, Married.
Because the LORD delights in you,
your land will be cared for once again.
5As a young man marries a young woman,
so your sons will marry you.
With the joy of a bridegroom because of his bride,
so your God will rejoice because of you.
6Upon your walls, Jerusalem,
I have appointed sentinels.
Continually, all day and all night,
they won’t keep silent.
You who call on the LORD, don’t rest,
7and don’t allow God to rest
until he establishes Jerusalem,
and makes it the praise of the earth.
8The LORD has promised
with raised hand and strong arm:
I will never again give your grain
as food for your enemies.
Foreigners won’t drink your wine
for which you labored.
9Those who harvest will eat it
and will praise the LORD;
those who gather will drink it
in my holy courtyards.
10Pass through, pass through the gates;
prepare the way for the people!
Build, build the road;
clear away the stones!
Raise up a signal for the peoples.
11This is what the LORD announced
to the earth’s distant regions:
Say to Daughter Zion, "Look! Your deliverer arrives,
bringing reward and payment!"
12They will be called The Holy People,
Redeemed By the LORD.
And you will be called Sought After—
A City That Is Not Abandoned.
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