First vision
1In the thirtieth year, on the fifth day of the fourth month, I was with the exiles at the Chebar River when the heavens opened and I saw visions of God. 2(It happened on the fifth day of the month, in the fifth year after King Jehoiachin’s deportation. 3The LORD’s word burst in on the priest Ezekiel, Buzi’s son, in the land of Babylon at the Chebar River. There the LORD’s power overcame him.)
4As I watched, suddenly a driving storm came out of the north, a great cloud flashing fire, with brightness all around. At its center, in the middle of the fire, there was something like gleaming amber. 5And inside that were forms of four living creatures. This was what they looked like: Each had the form of a human being, 6though each had four faces and four wings. 7Their feet looked like proper feet, but the soles of their feet were like calves’ hooves, and they shone like burnished bronze. 8Human hands were under their wings on all four sides. All four creatures had faces and wings, and 9their wings touched each other’s wings. When they moved, they each went straight ahead without turning. 10As for the form of their faces: each of the four had a human face, with a lion’s face on the right and a bull’s face on the left, and also an eagle’s face. 11The pairs of wings#LXX; MT adds and their faces. that stretched out overhead touched each other, while the other pairs covered their bodies. 12Each moved straight ahead wherever the wind propelled them; they moved without turning. 13Regarding the creatures’ forms: they looked like blazing coals, like torches. Fire darted about between the creatures and illuminated them, and lightning flashed from the fire. 14The creatures looked like lightning streaking back and forth.
15As I looked at the creatures, suddenly there was a wheel on the earth corresponding to all four faces of the creatures. 16The appearance and composition of the wheels were like sparkling topaz. There was one shape for all four of them, as if one wheel were inside another. 17When they moved in any of the four directions, they moved without swerving. 18Their rims were tall and terrifying, because all four of them were filled with eyes all around. 19When the creatures moved, the wheels moved next to them. Whenever the creatures rose above the earth, the wheels also rose up. 20Wherever the wind would appear to go, the wind would make them go there too. The wheels rose up beside them, because the spirit#Or wind of the creatures was in the wheels. 21When they moved, the wheels#Or they moved; when they stood still, the wheels stood still; and when they rose above the earth, the wheels rose up along with them, because the spirit#Or wind of the creatures was in the wheels.
22The shape above the heads of the creatures#LXX; MT creature was a dome; it was like glittering ice stretched out over their heads. 23Just below the dome, their outstretched wings touched each other. They each also had two wings to cover their bodies. 24Then I heard the sound of their wings when they moved forward. It was like the sound of mighty waters, like the sound of the Almighty,#Heb Shaddai or Mountain One like the sound of tumult or the sound of an army camp. When they stood still, their wings came to rest. 25Then there was a sound from above the dome over their heads. They stood still, and their wings came to rest.
26Above the dome over their heads, there appeared something like lapis lazuli in the form of a throne. Above the form of the throne there was a form that looked like a human being. 27Above what looked like his waist, I saw something like gleaming amber, something like fire enclosing it all around. Below what looked like his waist, I saw something that appeared to be fire. Its brightness shone all around. 28Just as a rainbow lights up a cloud on a rainy day, so its brightness shone all around. This was how the form of the LORD’s glory appeared. When I saw it, I fell on my face. I heard the sound of someone speaking.