Addition A
Mordecai’s dream
1In the second year of the rule of Artaxerxes the Great, on the first day of Nisan,#March–April Mordecai had a dream. He was Jair’s son, Shimei’s grandson, and Kish’s great-grandson, from the tribe of Benjamin. 2He was a Jew living in the city of Susa, an important man serving in the royal court. 3He was one of the prisoners of war whom King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon had brought from Jerusalem along with Judea’s King Jeconiah.
4This was his dream:
Look! Noise and confusion, thunder and earthquake, and chaos on the earth.
5Look! Two mighty dragons came forward, both ready to fight, and they roared loudly. 6At their roar every nation got ready for battle, to make war on the righteous nation.
7Look! A day of darkness and gloom, misery and suffering, distress and chaos on the earth. 8The entire righteous nation was thrown into a state of panic, dreading the evil that was coming against them.#Or dreading their own evils They expected to die. 9So they cried out to God. Their cry was small at first, like a little spring, but soon it became loud as a mighty river, an abundance of water. 10Then the sun with its light shone, the lowly were raised up high, and it devoured those who were held in honor. 11Then Mordecai, who had this dream and saw what God had planned to do, woke up and kept it secret. He wished to examine it in every detail before nightfall.
12Mordecai was relaxing in the courtyard with Gabatha and Tharra, two castrated men,#Gk eunuchs; also throughout Esther attendants of King Artaxerxes who were guarding the courtyard. 13He overheard their plans and investigated their intentions. He learned that they were preparing to attack King Artaxerxes, so he informed the king about them. 14The king questioned the two eunuchs. Once they had confessed, they were taken away#Gk led off to be executed. 15The king wrote these matters down so they would be remembered, and Mordecai also wrote about them. 16The king appointed Mordecai to serve in the court and gave him gifts for his service. 17But Haman, Hammedatha’s son, a Bougaean who was greatly respected by the king, sought to injure Mordecai and his people for the sake of the king’s two eunuchs.