Take risks; life is short
1Send your bread out on the water because, in the course of time, you may find it again. 2Give a portion to seven people, even to eight: you don’t know what disaster may come upon the land. 3If clouds fill up, they will empty out rain on the earth. If a tree falls, whether to the south or to the north, wherever it falls, there it will lie. 4Those who watch the wind blow will never sow, and those who observe the clouds will never reap. 5Just as you don’t understand what the life-breath does in the fetus#Correction with Tg; MT like the bones inside a pregnant woman’s womb, so you can’t understand the work of God, who makes everything happen. 6Scatter your seed in the morning, and in the evening don’t be idle because you don’t know which will succeed, this one or that, or whether both will be equally good.
7Sweet is the light, and it’s pleasant for the eyes to see the sun. 8Even those who live many years should take pleasure in them all. But they should be mindful that there will also be many dark days. Everything that happens is pointless.
9Rejoice, young person, while you are young! Your heart should make you happy in your prime. Follow your heart’s inclinations and whatever your eyes see, but know this: God will call you to account for all of these things. 10Remove anxiety from your heart, banish pain from your body, because youth and the dawn of life are pointless too.