Solomon builds the temple
1Solomon began to build the LORD’s temple in Jerusalem on Mount Moriah, where the Lord#LXX; MT lacks the Lord. had appeared to his father David, on the place David had prepared at the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite. 2He began building in the second month#LXX; MT adds on the second (day). of the fourth year of his rule. 3Solomon laid the foundations#Syr the measurements for these structures in order to build the temple of God. The length according to the old standard of measurement was ninety feet and the width thirty feet. 4Across the front of the temple#LXX; cf 1 Kgs 6:3 was a porch as long as the temple was and thirty feet wide, and thirty feet#LXX, Syr; MT one hundred eighty feet high. He covered the inside walls with pure gold. 5He paneled the walls of the main room with pine, covered them with fine gold, and decorated them with palm trees and chains. 6He studded the room with precious stones for beauty; the gold was from Parvaim. 7He covered the room, its beams, doorframes, walls, and doors with gold, and carved images of winged creatures on the walls. 8Then he made the most holy place. It was as long as the temple was wide, thirty feet long and thirty feet wide. He covered it with six hundred kikkars of fine gold. 9The gold nails weighed fifty shekels.#Or approximately thirty ounces He also covered the upper rooms with gold.
10In the most holy place he formed two statues of winged creatures and covered them with gold. 11Together the wingspan of these creatures was thirty feet. One of the first creature’s wings was seven and a half feet long and touched the temple wall, while the other wing was seven and a half feet long, touching the wing of the other creature. 12Similarly, one wing of the other creature was seven and a half feet long and touched the temple wall, while the other wing was seven and a half feet long and touched the other creature. 13The wings of these creatures extended thirty feet. They stood on their feet facing the main room.
14Then he made the curtain out of fine linen and violet, purple, and crimson yarn, weaving winged creatures into it. 15Then he made two columns in front of the temple, fifty-two and a half feet high, with a seven and a half foot cap on top of each. 16Then he made chains like a necklace#Heb adds in the inner room. and placed them on the tops of the columns. He made a hundred pomegranates and placed them into the chains. 17Then he set up the pillars in front of the sanctuary, one on the south, the other on the north. The one on the south he named Jachin, and the one on the north he named Boaz.