Solomon prepares to build the temple
1#1:18 in Heb Solomon gave orders to build a temple for the LORD’s name and to build a royal palace for himself. 2#2:1 in Heb To work in the highlands, Solomon drafted 70,000 laborers, 80,000 stonecutters, and 3,600 supervisors. 3Solomon sent the following message to King Huram#1 Kings spells the king's name as Hiram. of Tyre:
When my father David was building his palace, you sent him cedar logs. 4Now as his son#LXX; MT lacks his son. I am about to build a temple in the name of the LORD my God. I will dedicate it to him to burn fragrant incense before him, to set out the bread that is regularly displayed, and to offer entirely burned offerings every morning and evening, on the sabbaths, the first of every month, and the festivals of the LORD our God, as Israel has been commanded to do forever. 5The temple I am about to build must be magnificent, because our God is greater than all other gods. 6But who is able to build such a temple when even the highest heaven can’t contain God? And who am I that I should build this temple for God, except as a place to burn incense in his presence? 7So now send me a craftsman skilled in gold, silver, bronze, and iron, as well as in purple, crimson, and violet yarn—someone also experienced as an engraver. He will work with my craftsmen in Judah and Jerusalem who were provided by my father David. 8Also send me cedar, cypress, and sandalwood logs from Lebanon. I know your servants know how to cut Lebanese timber, so my servants will work with your servants 9to prepare plenty of timber for me, because the temple that I am about to build will be magnificent and amazing. 10I will pay the woodcutters twenty thousand kors#One kor is equivalent to a homer and is possibly equal to fifty gallons of grain. of crushed wheat, twenty thousand kors of barley, twenty thousand baths#One bath is approximately twenty quarts or five gallons. of wine, and twenty thousand baths of olive oil.
11Tyre’s King Huram replied in a letter that he sent to Solomon:
The LORD must love his people Israel because he has made you their king! 12Bless the LORD, Israel’s God, who made heaven and earth. He gave King David a wise son who possesses the knowledge and understanding to build a temple for the LORD and a royal palace for himself. 13I’m sending you a skilled and experienced craftsman, Huram-abi, 14whose mother is from the tribe of Dan and whose father is from Tyre. He’s skilled in working with gold, silver, bronze, iron, stone, and wood, as well as purple, violet, and crimson yarn, and fine linen. He can do any kind of engraving and make any design given to him with the assistance of your craftsmen and the craftsmen of my master, your father David. 15So once my master sends the wheat, barley, olive oil, and wine he has promised, 16we will cut as much timber as you need from Lebanon and bring it by raft on the sea to you at Joppa, where you can take it up to Jerusalem.
17Then Solomon counted all the immigrants in the land of Israel, as his father David had done, and the total was 153,600. 18He made 70,000 of these immigrants laborers, 80,000 of them stonecutters in the highlands, and 3,600 of them supervisors to keep the people working.