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Gift from Creator Tells the Good Story 1

1Here is the record of the ancestry of Creator Sets Free (Jesus) the Chosen One, a descendant of Much Loved One (David) and of Father of Many Nations (Abraham).
From Father of Many Nations (Abraham) to Much Loved One (David), his ancestors were:
2Father of Many Nations (Abraham), He Made Us Laugh (Isaac), Heel Grabber (Jacob), Give Him Praise (Judah) and his brothers, 3He Breaks Through (Perez) and his brother First Light (Zerah), whose mother was Fruit of Palm Tree (Tamar), Circle of Tipis (Hezron), Lifted Up (Ram), 4Noble Relative (Amminadab), Talks with Snakes (Nahshon), He Makes Peace (Salmon), 5Moves with Strength (Boaz), whose mother was Boastful Woman (Rahab), He Works Hard (Obed), whose mother was Beautiful Friend (Ruth), Original Man (Jesse), 6who was the father of the great chief Much Loved One (David).
From Much Loved One (David) to the removal to Village of Confusion (Babylon), the ancestors of Creator Sets Free (Jesus) were:
Much Loved One (David), Stands in Peace (Solomon), whose mother, Daughter of Seven (Bathsheba), was the wife of Fire from Creator (Uriah), 7Big People Maker (Rehoboam), He Is My Father (Abijah), Gathers the People (Asa), 8He Makes Wrongs Right Again (Jehoshaphat), Creator Is Above (Jehoram), My Great Power (Uzziah), 9Creator Has No Equal (Jotham), Held by Creator (Ahaz), He Will Be Strong (Hezekiah), 10He Made Them Forget (Manasseh), Burden Bearer (Amon), Good Medicine (Josiah), 11and Chosen by Creator (Jeconiah) and his brothers at the time of the removal to Village of Confusion (Babylon).
12From the removal to Village of Confusion (Babylon) to the birth of Creator Sets Free (Jesus), his ancestors were:
Chosen by Creator (Jeconiah), Ask Creator (Shealtiel), Born in Village of Confusion (Zerubbabel), 13Father Boasts in Him (Abihud), He Builds Up (Eliakim), He Helps (Azor), 14Stands with a Good Heart (Zadok), Stands Firm (Achim), Power of Creator (Eliud), 15Creator Helps Him (Eleazar), Gifted by Creator (Matthan), Heel Grabber (Jacob), 16and He Gives Sons (Joseph), who was the husband of Bitter Tears (Mary), who gave birth to Creator Sets Free (Jesus), who is the Chosen One.
17And so there were fourteen generations from Father of Many Nations (Abraham) to Much Loved One (David), fourteen more generations from Much Loved One (David) until the removal to Village of Confusion (Babylon), and then fourteen more from the removal to Creator Sets Free (Jesus), the Chosen One.
18Here is the story of how the Chosen One was born:
His mother, Bitter Tears (Mary), had been promised in marriage to He Gives Sons (Joseph). But before they came together in marriage, while still a virgin, she found out that she was carrying a baby in her womb from the Holy Spirit. 19He Gives Sons (Joseph) was a man of honor. He did not want to bring her trouble and open shame, so he thought about secretly releasing her from the marriage promise.
20As he wondered about these things, a messenger from the Great Spirit appeared to him in a dream and said, “He Gives Sons (Joseph), descendant of Much Loved One (David), do not be afraid to take Bitter Tears (Mary) to be your wife, because the Holy Spirit has given her this child. 21She will give birth to a son. You will name him Creator Sets Free (Jesus), because he will set his people free from their bad hearts and broken ways.”
22This gave full meaning to the words of Creator spoken long ago by the prophet, 23“A young virgin will be with child and give birth to a son. They will call his name Immanuel,#1:23 Isaiah 7:14 which in our tribal language means Creator Is with Us.”
24When He Gives Sons (Joseph) woke up, he followed the guidance given him in the dream and took Bitter Tears (Mary) to be his wife. 25But he did not have sexual relations with her until after the child was born, and he named the child Creator Sets Free (Jesus).

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