Zeḵaryah (Zechariah) 2
1And I lifted up my eyes and looked, and saw a man with a measuring line in his hand.
2And I said, “Where are you going?” And he said to me, “To measure Yerushalayim, to see what is its width and what is its length.”
3And see, the messenger who was speaking to me was going out. And another messenger was coming out to meet him,
4and he said to him, “Run, speak to this young man, saying, ‘Yerushalayim is to remain unwalled, because of the many men and livestock in it.
5For I Myself am to her,’ declares יהוה, ‘a wall of fire all around, and for esteem I am in her midst.’ ”
6“Oh, Oh! And flee from the land of the north,” declares יהוה, “for I have scattered you like the four winds of the heavens,” declares יהוה.
7“Oh, Tsiyon! Escape, you who dwell with the daughter of Baḇel.”
8For thus said יהוה of hosts (for the sake of esteem He sent me to the nations which plunder you): “For he who touches you touches the apple of My eye.#See Deu. 32:10
9“For look, I am waving My hand against them, and they shall become spoil for their servants. And you shall know that יהוה of hosts has sent Me.
10“Sing and rejoice, O daughter of Tsiyon! For look, I am coming, and shall dwell in your midst,” declares יהוה.
11“And many nations shall be joined to יהוה in that day,#See Isa. 14:1; Isa. 56:6-8; Isa. 60:3; Eze. 47:22, 23; John 10:16; Acts 15:14-17 and they shall become My people. And I shall dwell in your midst. And you shall know that יהוה of hosts has sent Me to you.
12“And יהוה shall inherit Yehuḏah, His portion in the Set-apart Land. And He shall again choose Yerushalayim.#See Zech. 1:17
13“Hush, all flesh, before יהוה, for He has roused Himself out of His set-apart dwelling!”

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