Tehillim (Psalms) 79
1O Elohim, the nations#See Psa. 79:6, 7; Psa. 74; Isa. 63:18; Jer. 51:51; Lam. 1:10; Dan. 8:13; Dan. 11:31; Mat. 24:15 have come into Your inheritance; They have defiled Your set-apart Hĕḵal; They turned Yerushalayim into ruins.
2They have given the dead bodies of Your servants As food for the birds of the heavens, The flesh of Your lovingly-committed ones to the wild beast of the earth.
3They have poured out their blood Like water all around Yerushalayim, With no one to bury them.
4We have become a reproach to our neighbours, A scorn and a mockery to those who are around us.
5How long, O יהוה, Would You be enraged forever? Would Your jealousy burn like fire?
6Pour out Your wrath on the nations Who have not known You, And on reigns that have not called on Your Name.
7For they have devoured Ya‛aqoḇ, And laid waste his pasture.
8Do not remember against us The crookednesses of the fathers! Let Your compassion speedily meet us, For we have been greatly weakened.
9Help us, O Elohim of our deliverance, For the sake of the esteem of Your Name. And deliver us, and cover over our sins, For Your Name’s sake!
10Why should the nations say, “Where is their Elohim?” Let the vengeance of the outpoured blood of Your servants Be known among the nations, Before our eyes.
11Let the groaning of the prisoner come before You. According to the greatness of Your arm Preserve those appointed to death.
12And repay to our neighbours sevenfold Their reproach, into their bosom, With which they have reproached You, O יהוה.
13And we, Your people and the sheep of Your pasture, We give thanks to You forever; From generation to generation we show forth Your praise.

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