Tehillim (Psalms) 44
1O Elohim, we have heard with our ears, Our fathers have related to us, The work You did in their days, In the days of old.
2You drove out the nations with Your hand, But them You planted. You afflicted peoples, and sent them out.
3For not by their own sword did they possess the land, Neither did their own arm save them; But it was Your right hand and Your arm, And the light of Your face, Because You delighted in them.
4You Yourself are my Sovereign, O Elohim; Command deliverances for Ya‛aqoḇ.
5Through You we push our enemies; Through Your Name we tread down those who rise up against us.
6For I do not trust in my bow, And my sword does not save me.
7For You have saved us from our enemies, And have put to shame those who hated us.
8In Elohim we shall boast all day long, And praise Your Name forever. Selah.
9Yet You have rejected us and put us to shame, And You do not go with our armies.
10You make us turn back from the adversary, And those who hate us have plundered us.
11You do give us as sheep to be eaten, And You have scattered us among the nations.
12You sell Your people for no value, And have set no high price on them.
13You make us a reproach to our neighbours, A scorn and a mockery to those round about us.
14You make us a proverb among the nations, A shaking of the head among the peoples.
15My reproach is always before me, And the shame of my face has covered me,
16Because of the voice of the slanderer and blasphemer, Because of the enemy and avenger.
17All this has come upon us; But we have not forgotten You, Neither have we been false to Your covenant.
18Our heart has not turned back, Neither has our step swerved from Your way,
19Yet You have crushed us in the place of jackals, And covered us with the shadow of death.
20If we have forgotten the Name of our Elohim, Or stretched out our hands to a foreign mighty one,
21Would Elohim not search this out? For He knows the secrets of the heart.
22But for Your sake we are killed all day long; Reckoned as sheep for the slaughter.
23Awake! Why do You sleep, O יהוה? Arise! Do not reject us forever.
24Why do You hide Your face, Ignoring our affliction and our oppression?
25For our being is bowed down to the dust; Our body cleaves to the earth.
26Arise, be our help, And redeem us for Your loving-commitment’ sake.

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