Tehillim (Psalms) 129
1Often they have distressed me from my youth. Let Yisra’ĕl now say,
2“Often they have distressed me from my youth, But they have not overcome me.
3“The ploughers ploughed on my back, They made their furrows long.”
4יהוה is righteous, He has cut the cords of the wrong in two.
5Let all those who hate Tsiyon Be put to shame and turned back.
6Let them be as the grass on the house-tops, Which withers before it grows up,
7That shall not fill the reaper’s hand, Nor the sheaves fill the binder’s bosom.
8And those who pass by shall not say, “The blessing of יהוה be upon you; We have blessed you in the Name of יהוה!”

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