Mishlĕ (Proverbs) 19
1Better is the poor walking in his integrity Than one of perverse lips, who is a fool.
2Also, desire without knowledge is not good; And he who hurries with his feet sins.
3The foolishness of a man perverts his way, And his heart is wroth against יהוה.
4Wealth adds many friends, But the poor is separated from his friend.
5A false witness does not go unpunished, And he who breaths out lies does not escape.
6Many entreat the favour of the noble. And all are friends to him who gives gifts.
7All the brothers of the poor shall hate him; How much more shall his friends go far from him! He pursues promises – they are gone!
8He who gets heart loves his own life; He who guards understanding finds good.
9A false witness does not go unpunished, And he who breathes out lies perishes.
10Luxury is not fitting for a fool, Much less for a servant to rule over princes.
11A man’s discretion makes him patient, And his adorning is to pass over a transgression.
12The sovereign’s wrath is like the roaring of a lion, But his delight is like dew on the grass.
13A foolish son is a calamity to his father, And the contentions of a wife are a continual dripping.
14Houses and riches are the inheritance from fathers, But an understanding wife is from יהוה.
15Laziness makes one fall into a deep sleep, And an idle being suffers hunger.
16He who guards the command guards his life, He who despises His ways dies.
17He who shows favour to the poor lends to יהוה, And He repays his deed.
18Discipline your son because there is expectation, And do not set your being on his destruction.
19One of great wrath bears punishment; For if you rescue him, You only have to do it again.
20Listen to counsel and accept discipline, So that you are wise in your latter end.
21Many are the plans in a man’s heart, But it is the counsel of יהוה that stands.
22What is desirable in a man is his loving-commitment, And a poor man is better than a liar.
23The fear of יהוה leads to life, And he remains satisfied, He is not visited by evil.
24A lazy one buries his hand in a dish, And does not bring it back to his mouth.
25Strike a scoffer, and the simple is made wise; And reprove one who has understanding, And he discerns knowledge.
26He who plunders a father, Chases away his mother, Is a son causing shame and bringing reproach.
27Cease, my son, to hear discipline, And you shall stray from the words of knowledge.
28A witness of Beliya‛al scorns right-ruling, And the mouth of the wrong ones Devours wickedness.
29Judgments are in store for scoffers, And beatings for the backs of fools.

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