Iyoḇ (Job) 27
1And Iyoḇ again took up his discourse, and said,
2“As Ěl lives, who has turned aside my right-ruling, and the Almighty, who has made my life bitter,
3as long as my breath is in me, and the spirit of Eloah in my nostrils,
4my lips do not speak unrighteousness, nor my tongue utter deceit.
5Far be it from me that I grant that you are right. Until I die I would not turn aside my integrity from me.
6My righteousness I hold fast, and I do not let it go. My heart does not reproach me as long as I live.
7Let my enemy be like the wrongdoer, and he who rises up against me like the unrighteous.
8For what is the expectancy of the defiled one, when He does cut off, when Eloah takes away his life?
9Would Ěl hear his cry when distress comes upon him?
10Would he delight himself in the Almighty – call on Eloah at all times?
11Let me teach you by the hand of Ěl, that which is with the Almighty I do not hide.
12See, all of you have seen it. Why then are you altogether vain?
13This is the portion of a wrong man with Ěl, and the inheritance of cruel ones, which they receive from the Almighty:
14If his children are increased, it is for the sword; and his offspring shall not have enough to eat.
15Those who remain of him are buried in death, and their widows do not weep.
16Though he heaps up silver like dust, and lays up garments like clay –
17he lays up, but the righteous puts it on, and the innocent divides the silver.
18He built his house like a moth, like a booth which a watchman made.
19He lies down, a rich man, but he is not gathered. When he opens his eyes, it is no more!
20Alarms overtake him like a flood; a storm wind shall steal him away in the night.
21The east wind takes him away, and he is gone; for it sweeps him from his place.
22And it hurls itself against him and does not spare; he swiftly flees from its power.
23It claps its hands at him, and it hisses him out of his place.

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