1And Shelomoh began to build the House of יהוה at Yerushalayim on Mount Moriyah, where He appeared to his father Dawiḏ, at the place that Dawiḏ had prepared on the threshing-floor of Ornan the Yeḇusite.
2And he began to build on the second day of the second new moon in the fourth year of his reign.
3And these are the foundations which Shelomoh laid for building the House of Elohim: The length by cubits according to the former measure were sixty cubits, and the width twenty cubits.
4And the porch that was in front was twenty cubits long according to the breadth of the house, and the height was one hundred and twenty. And he overlaid the inside with clean gold.
5And the great house he panelled with cypress which he overlaid with fine gold, and he carved palm trees and chainwork on it.
6And he covered the house with precious stones for comeliness, and the gold was gold from Parwayim.
7And he overlaid the house, the beams, the doorposts, and its walls, and its doors with gold, and carved keruḇim on the walls.
8And he made the House of the Most Set-apart. Its length was according to the width of the house, twenty cubits, and its width twenty cubits. And he overlaid it with fine gold, six hundred talents.
9And the weight of the nails was fifty sheqels of gold. And he overlaid the upper rooms with gold.
10In the Most Set-apart House he made two keruḇim of sculptured work, and overlaid them with gold.
11And the wings of the keruḇim: their total length was twenty cubits, one wing was five cubits, touching the wall of the room, and the other wing was five cubits, touching the wing of the other keruḇ,
12and the wing of the other keruḇ was five cubits, touching the wall of the room, and the other wing also was five cubits, touching the wing of the other keruḇ.
13The wings of these keruḇim spread out twenty cubits, and they stood on their feet, and they faced inward.
14And he made the veil of blue and purple and crimson and fine linen, and worked keruḇim on it.
15And at the front of the House he made two columns thirty-five cubits high, and the capital that was on the top of each of them was five cubits.
16And he made wreaths of chainwork, as in the Speaking Place, and put them on top of the columns. And he made one hundred pomegranates, and put them on the wreaths of chainwork.
17And he set up the columns before the Hĕḵal, one on the right and the other on the left, and called the name of the one on the right Yaḵin, and the name of the one on the left Bo‛az.