1And Yehoshaphat his son reigned in his place, and strengthened himself against Yisra’ĕl,
2and placed an army in all the walled cities of Yehuḏah, and set watch-posts in the land of Yehuḏah and in the cities of Ephrayim which Asa his father had taken.
3And יהוה was with Yehoshaphat, for he walked in the former ways of his father Dawiḏ, and did not seek the Ba‛als,
4but sought the Elohim of his father, and walked in His commands and not according to the deeds of Yisra’ĕl.
5So יהוה established the reign in his hand. And all Yehuḏah gave presents to Yehoshaphat, and he had great riches and esteem.
6And his heart was exalted in the ways of יהוה, and he again removed the high places and the Ashĕrim from Yehuḏah.
7And in the third year of his reign he sent his leaders, Ben-Ḥayil, and Oḇaḏyah, and Zeḵaryah, and Nethan’ĕl, and Miḵayahu, to teach in the cities of Yehuḏah.
8And with them he sent Lĕwites: Shemayahu, and Nethanyahu, and Zeḇaḏyahu, and Asah’ĕl, and Shemiramoth, and Yehonathan, and Aḏoniyahu, and Toḇiyahu, and Toḇaḏoniyah, the Lĕwites, and with them Elishama and Yehoram, the priests.
9And they taught in Yehuḏah, and with them was the Book of the Torah of יהוה. And they went around into all the cities of Yehuḏah and taught the people.
10And the fear of יהוה fell on all the reigns of the lands that were around Yehuḏah, and they did not fight against Yehoshaphat.
11And some of the Philistines brought Yehoshaphat gifts and a load of silver. And the Araḇians brought him flocks, seven thousand seven hundred rams and seven thousand seven hundred male goats.
12And Yehoshaphat became increasingly great, and he built palaces and storage cities in Yehuḏah.
13And he had much work in the cities of Yehuḏah. And the men of battle, mighty brave men, were in Yerushalayim.
14And these were their numbers, according to their fathers’ houses: Of Yehuḏah, the commanders of thousands: Aḏnah the commander, and with him three hundred thousand mighty brave men;
15and next to him was Yehoḥanan the commander, and with him two hundred and eighty thousand;
16and next to him was Amasyah son of Ziḵri, who volunteered himself to יהוה, and with him two hundred thousand mighty brave men.
17And of Binyamin: Elyaḏa, a mighty brave one, and with him two hundred thousand men armed with bow and shield;
18and next to him was Yehozaḇaḏ, and with him one hundred and eighty thousand prepared for battle.
19These were the ones serving the sovereign, besides those whom the sovereign put in the walled cities throughout all Yehuḏah.