Psalms 64
Protect Me from Conspiracies
1For the music director, a psalm of David.
2Hear my voice, O God, in my complaint. Protect my life from terror of the enemy.
3Hide me from the conspiracy of evildoers, from the tumult of workers of iniquity,
4who sharpened their tongue like a sword, and aimed their arrow—bitter words,
5to shoot from hiding at the innocent, shooting suddenly at him, with no fear.
6They are firming up their evil plan. They talk about setting secret traps. They asked, “Who would see them?”
7They are plotting injustices: “We have completed a perfect plot!” A man’s inward part and heart are deep.
8But God will shoot them with an arrow— suddenly their wounds will appear.
9So their tongue will be their downfall. All who see them will flee away.
10Then all men will fear. So they will declare the work of God, and ponder what He has done.
11The righteous will be glad in Adonai and take refuge in Him. Let all the upright in heart give glory!

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