Psalms 10
Freedom from Terror
1Why, Adonai, are You standing far off? Why hide Yourself in times of trouble?
2In pride the wicked hotly hunts the poor. Let them be caught in the plots they have planned.
3For the wicked one boasts about his soul’s desire. The greedy one curses, reviling Adonai.
4The wicked one, with his nose in the air, never seeks Him. All his thoughts are: “There is no God.”
5His ways are secure at all times. He haughtily disregards Your judgments. He snorts at all his adversaries.
6He says in his heart: “I’ll never be shaken! From generation to generation nothing bad will happen.”
7His mouth is full of cursing, lies and oppression. On his tongue are trouble and iniquity.
8He lies in ambush near villages. In hidden places he slays the innocent. His eyes watch in secret for the helpless.
9He lurks in a hiding place like a lion in a thicket. He lies in wait to catch the helpless. He catches the unfortunate one, dragging him away in his net.
10The victim is crushed, brought down, and falls into his mighty claws.
11He says in his heart: “God has forgotten. He hides His face—He will never see it.”
12Arise, Adonai! O God, lift up Your hand. Do not forget the afflicted.
13Why does the wicked one revile God? He says in his heart: “You will never require anything.”
14You saw—for You see trouble and grief, to take it in Your hand. The victim puts his trust in You— You are the helper of the orphan.
15Break the arm of the wicked, evil one! Call him to account for his wickedness— until no more is found.
16Adonai is King forever and ever! Nations will be wiped off His land.
17You hear, Adonai, the desire of the meek. You encourage them and incline Your ear.
18You vindicate the orphan and oppressed, so that man, who is earthly, may terrify no more.

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