3 John Introduction
3 John
While 2 John was written to warn a community of Jesus-followers against providing material assistance to false teachers, 3 John was written to address the opposite situation: to insist that a community provide a base of operations for traveling preachers who were walking in the truth. John had sent a letter to this community introducing and commending certain individuals, but Diotrephes, a leader in the community, refused to accommodate them. He opposed Johnʼs authority to the point of actually expelling anyone who supported the people heʼd sent. A man named Gaius, however, put these preachers up in his own home, enabling them to carry out their mission. Word got back to John both of Diotrephesʼ resistance and of Gaiusʼ loyalty. In this letter John sends Gaius a message of thanks and encouragement by the hand of Demetrius, another man he hopes will receive support. He also promises to come soon and set matters right.
3 John

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