Isaiah 12
A Song of Praise
1At that time you will say,
“I thank you, Lord!
You were angry with me,
but you stopped being angry
and gave me comfort.
2 # Ex 15.2; Ps 118.14. I trust you to save me,
Lord God,
and I won't be afraid.
My power and my strength#12.2 strength: Or “song.”
come from you,
and you have saved me.”
3With great joy, you people
will get water
from the well of victory.
4At that time you will say,
“Our Lord, we are thankful,
and we worship only you.
We will tell the nations
how glorious you are
and what you have done.
5Because of your wonderful deeds
we will sing your praises
everywhere on earth.”
6Sing, people of Zion!
Celebrate the greatness
of the holy Lord of Israel.
God is here to help you.

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