The Egyptians Drown in the Red Sea
Solomon continues praying:
1You remained angry with those worthless Egyptians and kept punishing them without mercy, because you already knew 2how they would change their minds and chase your people, after hurriedly setting them free. 3As a matter of fact, they made this foolish decision even before they had finished mourning for their dead. Then they started pursuing those very people they had begged and even forced to leave. 4They were urged on by the destruction they deserved, and it made them forget what had already happened, so that they would be fully punished 5by dying an unusual death and so that your people would have an amazing journey.
God Protects His People and Punishes the Egyptians
Solomon continues praying:
6At your command the laws of nature were changed#19.6 the laws of nature were changed: This refers to the crossing of the Red Sea (see Exodus 14.1-31). to protect your children from harm. 7A cloud guided them, and dry land appeared like a field of grass in the middle of the Red Sea,#19.7 Red Sea: See the note at 10.18. 8so that your people could see wonderful miracles and pass safely through under your protection. 9They were like horses on an open range or like lambs leaping around, as they praised you for saving them. 10And they still remembered what had happened in Egypt—the land was covered with gnats instead of animals, and the rivers were filled with frogs instead of fish. 11Later, when they were starving in the desert and begged for something delicious to eat, you provided them with a special kind of bird, 12by sending quails from the direction of the Mediterranean Sea.
13Those sinful Egyptians had a terrible hatred for strangers, and so you punished them horribly, but not without first warning them with violent thunderstorms. 14-16#Gn 19.1-21. Years earlier, the people of Sodom had refused to welcome strangers, and they were punished for what they did. But these Egyptians did much worse. They first welcomed our ancestors with a glorious celebration, and then after we had helped their nation, they made slaves of us, even though we were citizens like everyone else. 17Those people of Sodom were struck blind, just as they reached the door of the home of that good man Lot, and they had to feel their way back through the darkness to their own homes. In the same way, these Egyptians were covered with deep darkness.#19.17 darkness: One possible meaning for the difficult Greek text of verse 17.
Harmony of the Universe
Solomon continues praying:
18Different tunes can be played on the same harp, though the strings remain the same. And this is similar to what happened in those days, as can be seen from the following examples. 19Land animals became sea creatures, and sea creatures became land animals; 20fire kept burning, even when it was covered with water, 21and yet its flames did not destroy the flesh of humans or melt that delicate and dainty food called manna#19.21 manna: See the note at 16.20. that came down from heaven.
22Our Lord, you have always
greatly honored your people.
You have never failed
to help them at any time
or in any place.