Only the Lord Can Give Wisdom
1 # Pr 2.6. Only the Lord can give Wisdom,
and his Wisdom lasts forever.
2And who but the Lord
can count the raindrops
or the days in eternity
or the sand on the seashore?
3And who else can measure
the height of heaven
or the width of the earth
or the depth of the sea?
4The Lord created Wisdom
long before anything else.
5The Wisdom in God's commands
flows from his word in heaven
like streams from a spring.#1.5 spring: Verse 5 is not in some manuscripts.
6Who can understand
the deep thoughts of Wisdom
or how clever she#1.6 she: In this book, as in Proverbs 1.20—2.22; 8.1—9.6; Wisdom of Solomon 6.12-25; and Baruch 3.9—4.4, Wisdom is spoken of as a woman, or as supernatural being who was with God at the time of creation. is?
7Can anyone be taught
all of her knowledge?
Can anyone understand
how much she has learned?#1.7 learned: Verse 7 is not in some manuscripts.
8Only the Lord is that wise;
he is fearsome and majestic
as he rules from his throne.
9 # Pr 8.22-33; Si 24.9. The Lord created Wisdom
and watched her grow,
then he gave her
to his creation—
10to every living thing—
but especially to those people
who love him.#1.10 him: Some manuscripts add, “It is wise to love the Lord, and he gives us wisdom so we can know him.”
11If you fear the Lord,
you will be proud
of the honors you receive,
and you will wear happiness
like a crown.
12And if you fear him,
your life will be long
and filled with joy.#1.12 joy: Some manuscripts add, “Being able to fear the Lord is a gift from him, and his love will keep you from stumbling.”
13You will die happy,
blessed by the Lord
on the day of your death.
14Respect and obey the Lord—
that's where Wisdom begins,
and she will stay
with faithful people
from the day of their birth.
15She has lived among us humans
since the beginning of time,
and she will never desert
our descendants.
16Respect and obey the Lord—
this is complete Wisdom.
Be drunk on the wine
of Wisdom,
17 # Ws 7.11. and let her fill your house
and your barns
with the harvest she brings.
18Wisdom will give you
respect for the Lord,
to be worn like a crown
woven from the flowers
of peace and good health.#1.18 health: Some manuscripts add “The Lord will give them to you along with honor if you love him.”
19Hold on to Wisdom,
and she will honor you
by sending knowledge
and complete understanding
like showers of rain.
20 # Pr 3.16; 4.10. Wisdom is like a tree—
at its root is respect
for the Lord,
and its branches represent
a long lifetime.
21Fear of the Lord
forces sin and anger
out of your life.#1.21 life: Verse 21 is not in some manuscripts.
22It is never right to be angry
without a good reason,
because anger will start you
down the path to disaster.
23Just be patient and stay calm
until your anger fades.
24Then when the time is right
you can speak,
and others will tell
of your good sense.
Be Faithful to the Lord
25Wisdom collects wise sayings,
but faithfulness to God
is disgusting to a sinner.
26If you want lots of Wisdom
from the Lord,
then obey his commands.
27Respect and obey the Lord,
and you will learn Wisdom;
be faithful and humble,
and he will be pleased.
28Faithfully obey the Lord
and worship him
with all your heart.
29Others are watching you,
so be careful—
don't say one thing
and then do something else.
30If you boast and then fail,
you will be disgraced.
And if you only pretend
to worship the Lord,
he will bring you down
and show everyone
that you are a fake.