Psalms 36
(For the music leader by David, the Lord's servant.)
Human Sin and God's Goodness
1 # Ro 3.18. Sinners don't respect God;
sin is all they think about.
2They like themselves too much
to hate their own sins
or even to see them.
3They tell deceitful lies,
and they don't have the sense
to live right.
4Those people stay awake,
thinking up mischief,
and they follow the wrong road,
refusing to turn from sin.
5Your love is faithful, Lord,
and even the clouds in the sky
can depend on you.
6Your decisions are always fair.
They are firm like mountains,
deep like the sea,
and all people and animals
are under your care.
7Your love is a treasure,
and everyone finds shelter
in the shadow of your wings.
8You give your guests a feast
in your house,
and you serve a tasty drink
that flows like a river.
9The life-giving fountain
belongs to you,
and your light gives light
to each of us.
10Our Lord, keep showing love
to everyone who knows you,
and use your power to save all
whose thoughts please you.
11Don't let those proud
and merciless people
kick me around
or chase me away.
12Look at those wicked people!
They are knocked down,
never to get up again.

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