Psalms 25
(By David.)
A Prayer for Guidance and Help
1I offer you my heart, Lord God,
2and I trust you.
Don't make me ashamed
or let enemies defeat me.
3Don't disappoint any
of your worshipers,
but disappoint all
deceitful liars.
4Show me your paths
and teach me to follow;
5guide me by your truth
and instruct me.
You keep me safe,
and I always trust you.
6Please, Lord, remember,
you have always
been patient and kind.
7Forget each wrong I did
when I was young.
Show how truly kind you are
and remember me.
8You are honest and merciful,
and you teach sinners
how to follow your path.
9You lead humble people
to do what is right
and to stay on your path.
10In everything you do,
you are kind and faithful
to everyone who keeps
our agreement with you.
11Be true to your name, Lord,
by forgiving each one
of my terrible sins.
12You will show the right path
to all who worship you.
13Then they will have plenty,
and their children
will receive the land.
14Our Lord, you are the friend
of your worshipers,
and you make an agreement
with all of us.
15I always look to you,
because you rescue me
from every trap.
16I am lonely and troubled.
Show that you care
and have pity on me.
17My awful worries keep growing.
Rescue me from sadness.
18See my troubles and misery
and forgive my sins.
19Look at all my enemies!
See how much they hate me.
20I come to you for shelter.
Protect me, keep me safe,
and don't disappoint me.
21I obey you with all my heart,
and I trust you, knowing
that you will save me.
22Our God, please save Israel
from all its troubles.

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