Proverbs 22
The Value of a Good Reputation
1A good reputation and respect
are worth much more
than silver and gold.
2The rich and the poor
are all created
by the Lord.
3When you see trouble coming,
don't be stupid
and walk right into it—
be smart and hide.
4Respect and serve the Lord!
Your reward will be wealth,
a long life, and honor.
5Crooks walk down a road
full of thorny traps.
Stay away from there!
6 # Si 6.18. Teach your children
right from wrong,
and when they are grown
they will still do right.
7The poor are ruled by the rich,
and those who borrow
are slaves of moneylenders.
8Troublemakers get in trouble,
and their terrible anger
will get them nowhere.
9The Lord blesses everyone
who freely gives food
to the poor.
10Arguments and fights
will come to an end,
if you chase away those
who insult others.
11The king is the friend of all
who are sincere
and speak with kindness.
12The Lord watches over everyone
who shows good sense,
but he frustrates the plans
of deceitful liars.
13Don't be so lazy that you say,
“If I go to work,
a lion will eat me!”
14The words of a bad woman
are like a deep pit;
if you make the Lord angry,
you will fall right in.
15All children are foolish,
but firm correction
will make them change.
16Cheat the poor to make profit
or give gifts to the rich—
either way you lose.
Thirty Wise Sayings
17Here are some sayings
of people with wisdom,
so listen carefully
as I teach.
18You will be glad
that you know these sayings
and can recite them.
19I am teaching them today,
so that you
may trust the Lord.
20I have written thirty sayings
filled with sound advice.
21You can trust them completely
to give you the right words
for those in charge of you.
22Don't take advantage
of the poor
or cheat them in court.
23The Lord is their defender,
and what you do to them,
he will do to you.
24Don't make friends with anyone
who has a bad temper.
25You might turn out like them
and get caught in a trap.
26Don't guarantee to pay
someone else's debt.
27If you don't have the money,
you might lose your bed.
28Don't move a boundary marker#22.28 marker: In ancient Israel boundary lines were sacred because all property was a gift from the Lord (see Deuteronomy 19.14).
set up by your ancestors.
29If you do your job well,
you will work for a ruler
and never be a slave.

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