Micah 2
Punishment for Those Who Abuse Their Power
1Doomed! You're doomed!
At night you lie in bed,
making evil plans.
And when morning comes,
you do what you've planned
because you have the power.
2You grab any field or house
that you want;
you cheat families
out of homes and land.
3But here is what the Lord says:
“I am planning trouble for you.
Your necks will be caught
in a noose,
and you will be disgraced
in this time of disaster.”
4When that happens,
this sorrowful song
will be sung about you:
“Ruined! Completely ruined!
The Lord has taken our land
and given it to traitors.”#2.4 The Lord … traitors: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.
5And so you will never again
own property
among the Lord's people.
6“Enough of your preaching!”
That's what you tell me.
“We won't be disgraced,
so stop preaching!”
7Descendants of Jacob,
is it right for you to claim
that the Lord did what he did
because he was angry?
Doesn't he always bless
those who do right?
8My people, you have turned against
one another!
You have even stolen
clothes right off the backs
of innocent neighbors
who pass by in peace.#2.8 of innocent neighbors … peace: Or “of your unsuspecting soldiers returning home from battle.”
9You take over lovely homes
that belong to the women
of my nation.
Then you cheat their children
out of the inheritance
that comes from the Lord.#2.9 inheritance … Lord: The Hebrew text has “my glory,” which refers to the inheritance of land that the Lord had promised his people.
10Get out of here, you crooks!
You'll find no rest here.
You're not fit to belong
to the Lord's people,
and you will be destroyed.#2.10 destroyed: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.
11The only prophet you want
is a liar who will say,
“Drink and get drunk!”
A Promise of Hope
12I, the Lord, promise
to bring together
the people of Israel
who have survived.
I will gather them,
just as a shepherd
brings sheep together,
and there will be many.
13I will break down the gate
and lead them out—
then I will be their king.

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