Job 22
Eliphaz's Third Speech
What Use Are We Humans to God?
1Eliphaz from Teman#22.1 Teman: See the note at 2.11. said:
2 # Job 35.6-8. What use are we humans
to God,
even the wisest of us?
3If you were completely sinless,
that would still mean nothing
to God All-Powerful.
4Is he correcting you
for worshiping him?
5No! It's because of
your terrible and endless sins.
6To guarantee payment of a debt,
you have taken clothes
from innocent people.
7And you refused bread and water
to the hungry and thirsty,
8although you were rich,
respected, and powerful.
9You have turned away widows
and have broken the arms
of orphans.
10That's why you were suddenly
trapped by terror,
11blinded by darkness,
and drowned in a flood.
God Lives in the Heavens
12God lives in the heavens
above the highest stars,
where he sees everything.
13Do you think the deep darkness
hides you from God?
14Do thick clouds cover his eyes,
as he walks around heaven's dome
high above the earth?
15Give up those ancient ideas
believed by sinners,
16who were swept away
without warning.
17They rejected God All-Powerful,
feeling he was helpless,
18although he had been kind
to their families.
The beliefs of these sinners
are truly disgusting.
19When God's people see
the godless swept away,
they celebrate, 20saying,
“Our enemies are gone,
and fire has destroyed
their possessions.”
Surrender to God All-Powerful
21Surrender to God All-Powerful!
You will find peace
and prosperity.
22Listen to his teachings
and take them to heart.
23If you return to God
and turn from sin,
all will go well for you.
24So get rid of your finest gold,
as though it were sand.
25Let God All-Powerful
be your silver and gold,
26and you will find happiness
by worshiping him.
27God will answer your prayers,
and you will keep the promises
you made to him.
28He will do whatever you ask,
and life will be bright.
29When others are disgraced,
God will clear their names
in answer to your prayers.
30Even those who are guilty
will be forgiven,
because you obey God.#22.30 God: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text of verses 29,30.

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