Psalms 86
A Prayer for Help#Ps 86 hebrew title: A prayer by David.
1Listen to me, LORD, and answer me,
for I am helpless and weak.
2Save me from death, because I am loyal to you;
save me, for I am your servant and I trust in you.
3You are my God, so be merciful to me;
I pray to you all day long.
4Make your servant glad, O Lord,
because my prayers go up to you.
5You are good to us and forgiving,
full of constant love for all who pray to you.
6Listen, LORD, to my prayer;
hear my cries for help.
7I call to you in times of trouble,
because you answer my prayers.
8There is no god like you, O Lord,
not one has done what you have done.
9 # Rev 15.4 All the nations that you have created
will come and bow down to you;
they will praise your greatness.
10You are mighty and do wonderful things;
you alone are God.
11Teach me, LORD, what you want me to do,
and I will obey you faithfully;
teach me to serve you with complete devotion.
12I will praise you with all my heart, O Lord my God;
I will proclaim your greatness for ever.
13How great is your constant love for me!
You have saved me from the grave itself.
14The proud are coming against me, O God;
a cruel gang is trying to kill me —
people who pay no attention to you.
15But you, O Lord, are a merciful and loving God,
always patient, always kind and faithful.
16Turn to me and have mercy on me;
strengthen me and save me,
because I serve you, just as my mother did.
17Show me proof of your goodness, LORD;
those who hate me will be ashamed
when they see that you have given me comfort and help.

Good News Bible. Scripture taken from the Good News Bible (r) (Today's English Version Second Edition, UK/British Edition). Copyright © 1992 British & Foreign Bible Society. Used by permission.

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