Psalms 31

Psalms 31

A Prayer of Trust in God#Ps 31 hebrew title: A psalm by David.
1I come to you, LORD, for protection;
never let me be defeated.
You are a righteous God;
save me, I pray!
2Hear me! Save me now!
Be my refuge to protect me;
my defence to save me.
3You are my refuge and defence;
guide me and lead me as you have promised.
4Keep me safe from the trap that has been set for me;
shelter me from danger.
5 # Lk 23.46 I place myself in your care.
You will save me, LORD;
you are a faithful God.
6You hate those who worship false gods,
but I trust in you.
7I will be glad and rejoice
because of your constant love.
You see my suffering;
you know my trouble.
8You have not let my enemies capture me;
you have given me freedom to go where I wish.
9Be merciful to me, LORD,
for I am in trouble;
my eyes are tired from so much crying;
I am completely worn out.
10I am exhausted by sorrow,
and weeping has shortened my life.
I am weak from all my troubles;#31.10 Some ancient translations troubles; Hebrew iniquity.
even my bones are wasting away.
11All my enemies, and especially my neighbours,
treat me with contempt;
those who know me are afraid of me;
when they see me in the street, they run away.
12Everyone has forgotten me, as though I were dead;
I am like something thrown away.
13I hear many enemies whispering;
terror is all round me.
They are making plans against me,
plotting to kill me.
14But my trust is in you, O LORD;
you are my God.
15I am always in your care;
save me from my enemies,
from those who persecute me.
16Look on your servant with kindness;
save me in your constant love.
17I call to you, LORD;
don't let me be disgraced.
May the wicked be disgraced;
may they go silently down to the world of the dead.
18Silence those liars —
all the proud and arrogant
who speak with contempt about the righteous.
19How wonderful are the good things
you keep for those who honour you!
Everyone knows how good you are,
how securely you protect those who trust you.
20You hide them in the safety of your presence
from the plots of others;
in a safe shelter you hide them
from the insults of their enemies.
21Praise the LORD!
How wonderfully he showed his love for me
when I was surrounded and attacked!
22I was afraid and thought
that he had driven me out of his presence.
But he heard my cry,
when I called to him for help.
23Love the LORD, all his faithful people.
The LORD protects the faithful,
but punishes the proud as they deserve.
24Be strong, be courageous,
all you that hope in the LORD.

Good News Bible. Scripture taken from the Good News Bible (r) (Today's English Version Second Edition, UK/British Edition). Copyright © 1992 British & Foreign Bible Society. Used by permission.

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