Psalms 105
The LORD can be trusted
1Praise the LORD
and pray in his name!
Tell everyone
what he has done.
2Sing praises to the LORD!
Tell about his miracles.
3Celebrate and worship
his holy name
with all your heart.
4Trust the LORD
and his mighty power.
5Remember his miracles
and all his wonders
and his fair decisions.
6You belong to the family
of Abraham, his servant;
you are his chosen ones,
the descendants of Jacob.
7The LORD is our God,
bringing justice
everywhere on earth.
8He will never forget
his agreement or his promises,
not in thousands of years.
9-10God made an eternal promise#Gn 12.7; 17.8; Gn 26.3.#Gn 28.13.
to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,
11when he said, “I'll give you
the land of Canaan.”
12At the time there were
only a few of us,
and we were homeless.
13We wandered from nation
to nation, from one country
to another.
14God did not let anyone#Gn 20.3-7.
ill-treat our people.
Instead he protected us
by punishing rulers
15and telling them,
“Don't touch my chosen leaders
or harm my prophets!”
16God kept crops from growing#Gn 41.53-57.
until food was scarce
everywhere in the land.
17But he had already sent Joseph,#Gn 37.28; 45.5.
sold as a slave into Egypt,
18with chains of iron#Gn 39.20—40.23.
around his legs and neck.
19Joseph remained a slave
until his own words
had come true,
and the LORD had finished
testing him.
20Then the king of Egypt#Gn 41.14.
set Joseph free
21and put him in charge#Gn 41.39-41.
of everything he owned.
22Joseph was in command
of the officials,
and he taught the leaders
how to use wisdom.
23Jacob and his family#Gn 46.6; Gn 47.11.
came and settled in Egypt
as foreigners.
24They were the LORD's people,#Ex 1.7-14.
so he let them grow stronger
than their enemies.
25They served the LORD,
and he made the Egyptians plan
hateful things against them.
26God sent his servant Moses.#Ex 3.1—4.17.
He also chose and sent Aaron
27to his people in Egypt,
and they worked miracles
and wonders there.
28Moses and Aaron obeyed God,#Ex 10.21-23.
and he sent darkness
to cover Egypt.
29God turned their rivers#Ex 7.17-21.
into streams of blood,
and the fish all died.
30Frogs were everywhere,#Ex 8.1-6.
even in the royal palace.
31When God gave the command,#Ex 8.20-24; Ex 8.16,17.
flies and gnats
swarmed all around.
32In place of rain,#Ex 9.22-25.
God sent hailstones
and flashes of lightning.
33He destroyed their grapevines
and their fig trees,
and he made splinters
of all the other trees.
34God gave the command,#Ex 10.12-15.
and more grasshoppers came
than could be counted.
35They ate every green plant
and all the crops that grew
in the land of Egypt.
36Then God took the life#Ex 12.29.
of every firstborn son.
37When God led Israel from Egypt,#Ex 12.33-36.
they took silver and gold,
and no one was left behind.
38The Egyptians were afraid
and gladly let them go.
39God hid them under a cloud#Ex 13.21,22.
and guided them by fire
during the night.
40When they asked for food,#Ex 16.2-15.
he sent more birds
than they could eat.
41God even split open a rock,#Ex 17.1-7; Nu 20.2-13.
and streams of water
gushed into the desert.
42God never forgot
his sacred promise
to his servant Abraham.
43When the Lord rescued
his chosen people from Egypt,
they celebrated with songs.
44The Lord gave them the land#Js 11.16-23.
and everything else
the nations had worked for.
45He did this so that his people
would obey all his laws.
Shout praises to the LORD!