About this book
Joel was a prophet who had watched swarm after swarm of locusts cover the land of Israel and wipe out the crops. He described these locusts as though they were an enemy army destroying everything in sight, and he said that the Lord had sent the locusts as punishment for the sins of Israel. Joel also used the locusts as a way of talking about a real army that was going to attack Israel. But the Lord promised that if the people would turn back to him, he would forgive them and bless them once again.
The locusts caused horrible destruction, but it was only a small taste of what will happen on the judgment day of the Lord. At that time the Lord will put all nations on trial for what they have done to his people, and those who are guilty will be punished.
Crowds fill Decision Valley.
The judgment day of the LORD
will soon be here—
no light from the sun or moon,
and stars no longer shine.
From the heart of Jerusalem
the LORD roars like a lion,
shaking the earth and sky.
But the LORD is a fortress,
a place of safety
for his people Israel.
A quick look at this book
1. Locusts and an enemy army (1.1—2.17)
2. The Lord will bless his people (2.18–32)
3. The Lord will punish the nations (3.1–21)