Job 32
Elihu's speeches
Elihu is upset with Job's friends
1Finally, these three men stopped arguing with Job, because he refused to admit that he was guilty.
2Elihu from Buz#32.2 Elihu from Buz: The Hebrew text has “Elihu son of Barachel from Buz of the family of Ram”. Buz may have been somewhere in the territory of Edom; in Jeremiah 25.23 it is mentioned along with Dedan and Tema (see 6.19). was there, and he had become upset with Job for blaming God instead of himself. 3He was also angry with Job's three friends for not being able to prove that Job was wrong. 4Elihu was younger than these three, and he let them speak first. 5But he became irritated when they could not answer Job, 6and he said to them:
I am much younger than you,
so I have shown respect
by keeping silent.
7I once believed age
was the source of wisdom;
8now I truly realize
wisdom comes from God.
9Age is no guarantee of wisdom
and understanding.
10That's why I ask you
to listen to me.
I eagerly listened
11-12I eagerly listened
to each of your arguments,
but not one of you proved
Job to be wrong.
13You shouldn't say,
“We know what's right!
Let God punish him.”
14Job hasn't spoken against me,
and so I won't answer him
with your arguments.
15All of you are shocked;
you don't know what to say.
16But am I to remain silent,
just because you
have stopped speaking?
17No! I will give my opinion,
18because I have so much to say,
that I can't keep quiet.
19I am like a swollen wineskin,
and I will burst#32.19 swollen wineskin…burst: While the juice from grapes was becoming wine, it would swell and stretch the skins in which it had been stored; sometimes the swelling would burst the wineskins.
20if I don't speak.
21-22I don't know how to be unfair
or to flatter anyone—
if I did, my Creator
would quickly destroy me!