Job continues
I know and understand
1I know and understand
every bit of this.
2None of you are cleverer
than I am;
there's nothing you know
that I don't.
3But I prefer to argue my case
with God All-Powerful—
4you are merely useless doctors,
who treat me with lies.
5The wisest thing you can do
is to keep quiet 6and listen
to my argument.
7Are you telling lies for God
8and not telling the whole truth
when you argue his case?
9If he took you to court,
could you fool him,
just as you fool others?
10If you were secretly unfair,
he would correct you,
11and his glorious splendour
would make you terrified.
12Your wisdom and arguments
are as delicate as dust.
Be quiet while I speak
13Be quiet while I speak,
then say what you will.
14I will be responsible
for what happens to me.
15God may kill me, but still
I will trust him#13.15 God … trust him: Or “God will surely kill me; I have lost all hope”.
and offer my defence.
16This may be what saves me,
because no guilty person
would come to his court.
17Listen carefully to my words!
18I have prepared my case well,
and I am certain to win.
19If you can prove me guilty,
I will give up and die.
Job prays
I ask only two things
20I ask only two things
of you, my God,
and I will no longer
hide from you—
21stop punishing
and terrifying me!
22Then speak, and I will reply;
or else let me speak,
and you reply.
23Please point out my sins,
so I will know them.
24Why have you turned your back
and count me your enemy?
25Do you really enjoy
frightening a fallen leaf?
26Why do you accuse me
of horrible crimes
and make me pay for sins
I did in my youth?
27 # Job 33.11. You have tied my feet down
and keep me surrounded;
28I am rotting away like cloth
eaten by worms.