Jeremiah 45
A message for Baruch
The LORD will not let Baruch be killed
1In the fourth year that Jehoiakim#45.1 Jehoiakim: See the note at 1.3. was king of Judah, Baruch wrote down everything I had told him.#45.1 Baruch wrote down everything I had told him: See 36.1-32.#2 K 24.1; 2 Ch 36.5-7; Dn 1.1,2. 2Then later, the LORD God of Israel told me to say to Baruch:
3You are moaning and blaming me, the LORD, for your troubles and sorrow, and for being so tired that you can't even rest. 4But all over the earth I am tearing down what I built and pulling up what I planted. 5I am bringing disaster everywhere, so don't even think about making any big plans for yourself. However, I promise that wherever you go, I will at least protect you from death. I, the LORD, have spoken.