Jeremiah 20
Pashhur arrests Jeremiah
1Pashhur son of Immer was a priest and the chief of temple security. He heard what I had said, 2and so he hit me.#20.2 hit me: Or “beat me up” or “had me beaten up”. Then he had me arrested and put in chains#20.2 in chains: Or “in the stocks” (a wooden frame with holes for the hands, neck, or feet of a prisoner) or “in a prison cell”. at the Benjamin Gate in the LORD's temple.#20.2 the Benjamin Gate in the LORD's temple: The Hebrew text has “the upper Benjamin Gate in the temple”; the lower Benjamin Gate may have been the city gate of that name. 3The next day, when Pashhur let me go free, I told him that the LORD had said:
No longer will I call you Pashhur. Instead, I will call you Afraid-of-Everything.#20.3 Afraid-of-Everything: Hebrew “Magor-Missabib”. 4You will be afraid, and you will bring fear to your friends as well. You will see enemies kill them in battle. Then I will make the king of Babylonia take everyone in Judah prisoner, killing some and dragging the rest away to Babylonia. 5He will clean out the royal treasury and take everything else of value from Jerusalem.
6Pashhur, you are guilty of telling lies and claiming they were messages from me. That's why I will make the Babylonians take you, your family, and your friends as prisoners to Babylonia, where you will all die and be buried.
Jeremiah complains to the LORD
7You tricked me, LORD,
and I was really fooled.
You are stronger than I am,
and you have defeated me.
People never stop sneering
and insulting me.
8You have let me announce
only destruction and death.
Your message has brought me
nothing but insults
and trouble.
9Sometimes I tell myself
not to think about you, LORD,
or even mention your name.
But your message burns
in my heart and bones,
and I cannot keep silent.
10I heard the crowds whisper,
“Everyone is afraid.
Now's our chance
to accuse Jeremiah!”
All of my so called friends
are just waiting
for me to make a mistake.
They say, “Perhaps Jeremiah
can be tricked.
Then we can overpower him
and get even at last.”
11But you, LORD,
are a mighty soldier,
standing at my side.
Those troublemakers
will fall down and fail—
terribly embarrassed,
for ever ashamed.
12 LORD All-Powerful,
you test those who do right,
and you know every heart
and mind.
I have told you my complaints,
so let me watch you
take revenge on my enemies.
13I sing praises to you, LORD.
You rescue the oppressed
from the wicked.
14Put a curse on the day I was born!#Job 3.1-19.
Don't bless my mother.
15Put a curse on the man
who told my father, “Good news!
You have a son.”
16May that man be like the towns
you destroyed without pity.
Let him hear shouts of alarm
in the morning
and battle cries at midday.
17He deserves to die
for not killing me
before I was born.
Then my mother's body
would have been my grave.
18Why did I have to be born?
Was it just to suffer
and die in shame?