About this letter
In his second letter to Timothy, Paul is more personal than in his first one. Timothy is like a “dear child” to Paul, and Paul always mentions him in his prayers (1.2,3) because he wants Timothy to be a “good soldier” of Christ Jesus and to learn to endure suffering (2.1,3). Paul mentions Timothy's mother and grandmother by name in this letter and reminds Timothy how he had placed his hands on him as a special sign that the Spirit was guiding his work.
Some who claimed to be followers of the Lord had already been trapped by the devil, and Paul warns Timothy to run from those temptations that often catch young people (2.20–26; 3.1–9). He tells Timothy to keep preaching God's message, even if it is not the popular thing to do (4.2). He should also beware of false teachers.
Paul knows that he will soon die for his faith, but he will be rewarded for his faithfulness (4.6–8), and he reminds Timothy of the true message:
If we died with Christ,
we will live with him.
If we don't give up,
we will rule with him.
A quick look at this letter
1. Greetings and prayer for Timothy (1.1,2)
2. Do not be ashamed of the Lord (1.3–18)
3. How to be a good soldier of Christ (2.1–26)
4. What people will be like in the last days (3.1–9)
5. Keep being faithful (3.10—4.8)
6. Personal instructions and final greetings (4.9–22)