2 Samuel 1:17-27

2 Samuel 1:17-27 CEVUK

David sang a song in memory of Saul and Jonathan, and he ordered his men to teach the song to everyone in Judah. He called it “The Song of the Bow”, and it can be found in The Book of Jashar . This is the song: Israel, your famous hero lies dead on the hills, and your mighty warriors have fallen! Don't tell it in Gath or spread the news in the streets of Ashkelon. The godless Philistine women will be happy and jump for joy. Don't let dew or rain fall on the hills of Gilboa. Don't let its fields grow offerings for God. There the warriors' shields were smeared with mud, and Saul's own shield was left unpolished. The arrows of Jonathan struck, and warriors died. The sword of Saul cut the enemy apart. It was easy to love Saul and Jonathan. Together in life, together in death, they were faster than eagles and stronger than lions. Women of Israel, cry for Saul. He brought you fine red cloth and jewellery made of gold. Our warriors have fallen in the heat of battle, and Jonathan lies dead on the hills of Gilboa. Jonathan, I miss you most! I loved you like a brother. You were truly loyal to me, more faithful than a wife to her husband. Our warriors have fallen, and their weapons are destroyed.
CEVUK: Contemporary English Version (Anglicised) 2012