1 Timothy About this letter
About this letter
Timothy travelled and worked with Paul (Romans 16.21; 1 Corinthians 16.10; Philippians 2.19), and because of their shared faith, Timothy was like a son to Paul (1.2). Timothy became one of Paul's most faithful co-workers, and Paul mentions Timothy in five of his letters.
Although this letter is addressed to Timothy personally, it actually addresses many of the concerns Paul had with the life of the entire church. Guidelines are given for choosing church officials (3.1-7), officers (3.8-13), and leaders (5.17-20).
Christians are to pray for everyone and to remember:
There is only one God
and Christ Jesus
is the only one
who can bring us
to God.
A quick look at this letter
1. Greetings (1.1,2)
2. Instructions for church life (1.3—3.13)
3. The mystery of our religion (3.14—4.5)
4. Paul's advice to Timothy (4.6—6.21)