Psalms 99
1The Lord hath reigned, [the] peoples be wroth; thou that sittest on cherubim, the earth be moved.
2The Lord is great in Zion; and high above all peoples.
3Acknowledge they to thy great name, for it is fearedful and holy;
4and the honour of the king loveth doom. Thou hast made ready dress-ings [or rightforth rulings]; thou hast made doom and rightfulness [or right-wiseness] in Jacob.
5Enhance ye our Lord God; and worship ye at the stool of his feet, for it is holy.
6Moses and Aaron were among his priests; and Samuel was among them that inwardly call his name. They inwardly called the Lord, and he heard them;
7in a pillar of cloud he spake to them. They kept his witnessings; and the commandment which he gave to them.
8Our Lord God, thou heardest them; God, thou were merciful to them, and thou tookest vengeance on all their findings.
9Enhance ye our Lord God, and worship ye in his holy hill; for our Lord God is holy.

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