Psalms 98
1 A psalm. Sing ye a new song to the Lord; for he hath done marvels. His right hand and his holy arm; hath made health to him.
2The Lord hath made known his health; in the sight of heathen men he hath showed his rightfulness [or right-wiseness].
3He bethought on his mercy; and on his truth, to the house of Israel. All the ends of earth; saw the health of our God.
4All earth, make ye heartily joy to God; sing ye, and make ye full out joy, and say ye psalm.
5Sing ye to the Lord in an harp, in harp and in voice of psalm;
6in trumps beaten out with hammer, and in voice of a trump of horn. Heartily sing ye in the sight of the Lord, the King;
7the sea and the fullness thereof be moved; the world, and they that dwell therein.
8Floods shall make joy with hand; together hills shall make full out joy,
9for the sight of the Lord; for he cometh to deem the earth. He shall deem the world in rightfulness [or rightwiseness]; and peoples in equity.

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