Psalms 94
1God is Lord of vengeances; God of vengeance did freely.
2Be thou enhanced that deemest the earth; yield thou yielding to proud men.
3Lord, how long sinners; how long shall sinners have glory?
4They shall tell out, and shall speak wickedness; all men shall speak that work unrightfulness.
5Lord, they have made low thy people; and they have dis-eased thine heritage.
6They killed a widow and a come-ling; and they have slain fatherless children and motherless.
7And they said, The Lord shall not see it; and, God of Jacob shall not understand.
8Ye unwise men in the people, understand; and, ye fools, learn some-time.
9Shall not he hear, that planted the ear; either beholdeth not he, that made the eye?
10Shall not he reprove, that chastiseth folks; shall he not know, which teacheth man knowing?
11The Lord knoweth the thoughts of men; that those [or they] be vain.
12Blessed is the man, whom thou, Lord, hast learned; and hast taught him of thy law.
13That thou assuage him from evil days; till a ditch be digged to the sinner.
14For the Lord shall not put away his people; and he shall not forsake his heritage.
15Till rightfulness [or rightwiseness] be turned into doom; and who be nigh it, all that be of rightful heart.
16Who shall rise with me against mis-doers; either who shall stand with me against them that work wickedness?
17No but for the Lord helped me; almost my soul had dwelled in hell.
18If I said, My foot was stirred; Lord, thy mercy helped me.
19After the multitude of my sorrows in mine heart; thy comforts made glad my soul.
20Whether the seat of wickedness cleaveth to thee; that makest travail in commandment?
21They shall take hold against the soul of a just [or rightwise] man; and they shall condemn innocent blood.
22And the Lord was made to me into refuge; and my God was made into the help of mine hope.
23And he shall yield to them the wickedness of them; and in the malice of them he shall lose them, our Lord God shall lose them.

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