Psalms 92
1 The psalm of song, in the day of sabbath. It is good to acknowledge to the Lord; and to sing to thy name, thou Highest.
2To show early thy mercy; and thy truth by night.
3In a psaltery of ten cords; with song in harp.
4For thou, Lord, hast delighted me in the works of thy making; and I shall make full out joy in the works of thine hands.
5Lord, thy works be magnified greatly; thy thoughts be made full deep.
6An unwise man shall not know; and a fool shall not understand these things.
7When sinners come forth, as hay; and all they appear, that work wicked-ness. That they perish into the world of world;
8forsooth thou, Lord, art the Highest, without end.
9For lo! Lord, thine enemies, for lo! thine enemies shall perish; and all they shall be scattered that work wickedness.
10And mine horn shall be raised as an unicorn; and mine eld age shall be in plenteous mercy.
11And mine eye despised mine enemies; and when wicked men rise against me, mine ear shall hear of their downfall.
12A just [or rightwise] man shall flower as a palm tree; he shall be multiplied as a cedar of Lebanon.
13Men planted in the house of the Lord; shall flower in the porches of the house of our God.
14Yet they shall be multiplied in plenteous eld age; and they shall be suffering well.
15That they tell, that our Lord God is rightful [or right]; and no wicked-ness is in him.

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