Psalms 88
1 The song of the psalm, to the sons of Korah, to victory on Mahalath, for to answer the learning of Heman the Ezrahite. Lord God of mine health; I cried in day and night before thee.
2My prayer enter before thy sight; bow down thine ear to my prayer.
3For my soul is [full-]filled with evils; and my life nighed to hell.
4I am guessed with them that go down into the pit; I am made as a man without help,
5and free among dead men. As men wounded sleeping in sepulchres, of which men none thou is mindful of after; and they be put away from thine hand.
6They have put me in the lower pit; in dark places, and in the shadow of death.
7Thy strong vengeance is confirmed on me; and thou hast brought in all thy waves on me.
8Thou hast made far from me my known; they have set [or put] me abom-ination to themselves. I am taken in, and I went not out;
9mine eyes were sick [or enfeebled] for poverty. Lord, I cried to thee; all day I spreaded abroad mine hands to thee.
10Whether thou shalt do marvels to dead men; either leeches shall raise them up, and they shall acknowledge to thee?
11Whether any man in sepulchre shall tell thy mercy; and thy truth in perdition?
12Whether thy marvels shall be known in darknesses; and thy right-fulness [or rightwiseness] in the land of forgetting?
13And, Lord, I cried to thee; and early my prayer shall before come to thee.
14Lord, why puttest thou away my prayer; thou turnest away thy face from me?
15I am poor, and in travails from my youth; soothly I am enhanced, and I am made low, and troubled.
16Thy wraths passed on me; and thy dreads troubled me.
17They encompassed me as water all day; they encompassed me altogether.
18Thou madest far from me a friend and neighbour; and my known from wretchedness.

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