Psalms 76
1 To the victory in organs, the psalm of the song of Asaph. God is known in Judah; his name is great in Israel.
2And his place is made in peace; and his dwelling is in Zion.
3There he brake powers; bow, shield, sword, and battle.
4And thou, God, lightenest wonder-fully coming back from everlasting hills;
5all unwise men of heart were troubled. They slept their sleep, that is, were dead; and all men found nothing of riches in their hands.
6They that ascended [or went up] on horses; slept for thy blaming, thou God of Jacob.
7Thou art fearful, and who shall against-stand thee? from that time of thine ire.
8From heaven thou madest doom heard; the earth trembled, and rested.
9When God rose up into doom; to make safe all the mild men of earth.
10For the thought of man shall acknowledge to thee; and the remnants or leavings of thought shall make a feast day to thee.
11Make ye a vow, and yield ye to your Lord God; all that bring gifts in the compass of it. To God fearedful,
12and to him that taketh away the spirit of princes; to the fearedful at the kings of earth.

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